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The following is a list of frequently asked questions from our web hosting customers about our web hosting services. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please email our Technical Support team at support@ehostsource.com.

Q: Why do I get a 'Forbidden' error when I try to access my site on your server?

A: The 'Forbidden' error occurs when you do not have a main page named 'index.html' uploaded to the appropriate folder in your account. You must name the main page of your site 'index.html'.

Q: Where in my account do I put my web files?

A: Your web site files need to be uploaded into the 'web' folder in your account so that they may be accessed on the Internet. The web folder is the folder you arrive in when you first connect with an FTP client. Remember that your main page must be named 'index.html'.

Q: How do I set up a MySql database for my site?

A: You need to send a support request using the 'Request MySQL Database Creation' link on the Customer Help page. You will need to include 4 items in this request. 1- the name you want for your database. 2- the username you want for the database. 3- the password for the database. 4- the ip address for your site. We will create the database for you.

Q: Why am I getting a 'Permission Denied' error when trying to make changes and upload new files to my site?

A: This problem occurs when you create a new user in your control panel other than an 'email only' user. If you add another FTP user to your account without specifying a dedicated folder for them to have access to, the permissions on your account become unstable. Also, if you create another admin user other than your original admin user, the permissions become unstable. You can only have one admin user on your account. If you add an FTP user, you must specify a folder for them to access, otherwise it may cause this problem. If this problem occurs, you can have it corrected by using the 'Permission problems' link on the customer help page to submit a ticket.

Q: Why can't I pull up my site by the ip address you sent me?

A: Our service is virtual shared hosting, meaning many sites share one ip address. Your site is resolved only by it's domain name and cannot be accessed in a browser by the ip address. You can, however, upload files to your account using the ip address we provide. You can only view your site after the nameservers for your domain name have been fully updated.

Q: What is a subdomain and how do I create one?

A: A subdomain is an extension of your primary domain, in the form subdomain.yourdomain.com. It acts as an independant site. For the subdomains, simply create a folder with the same name as the subdomain in your main directory. Then login to your control panel, click add subdomain. For the hostname use the full name of the subdomain site ...i.e. subdomain.yourdomain.com. For the path, use the folder you created ( /subdomain ) When you are done with the setup, send us a request to activate the subdomain by using the 'Request Subdomain Activation' link on the Customer Help page.

Q: How do I access my site using Telnet?

A: We do not have Telnet access, but you can access your site in a very similar fashion using SSH....a more secure approach to telnet. You will need an SSH client application, using the same username and password as your control panel. Here is a link to a free SSH client called PUTTY:

Q: How do I use the mail list feature in the control panel?

A: This feature is currently under testing and is not functional. When it is rolled out we will post instructions on the site.

Q: Why do I get a 'Page Cannot be Displayed' error when trying to access my site.

A: This error occurs when the nameservers have not be updated for your domain name. If you already had your domain name when you ordered, you must login to the site where you registered the domain name and change the nameservers to the ones specified in your confirmation email. Even after you make these changes, it takes 24 to 48 hours for the changes to propagate across the Internet.

Q: How do I set up Outlook Express to access my email accounts?

A: For the incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP servers in Outlook, set both to yourdomainname.com using your own domain name. For your admin user, the username in Outlook is simply the admin user name. For additional email users that you create in your control panel, the username for Outlook is the full email address (emailuser@yourdomain.com).

Q: How do I customize the 'From' field or add a signature to my emails?

A: Login to your webmail account using the webmail link: (yourdomainname.com/webmail). Click on 'Options', then click 'Personal Information'. There you can set these values.

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